Miramagia: A Browser based Online Game

The farm game Miramagia is a browser-based MMO game that combines farming tasks with a wider strategy of achieving goals and pooling your resources with other players to build villages.


Players can elect to play as one of four character types, either a druid, sorcerer, shaman or mage. It is possible to change characters as you progress, but you must earn enough to cover the fee for doing so first. The principal currency in the game is the Rubie, but players can also trade with gold and mana. The game features a comprehensive tutorial section covering all facets of play and will essentially take new players by the hand and guide them through the online world. Completing tutorials allows players to earn rewards to assist with levelling-up.
Planting various crops and herbs will help earn gold and allow you to trade with other players, as will completing quests. These can be requested in- game and encompass a wide variety of activities. It is also possible to win further resources on the Wheel of Fortune.
A particular delight is a feature in the game which allows you to hatch, raise and train your own dragon. Upon registration, all players are given a dragon egg, which can be hatched by building a dragon lair. Once hatched, the dragon must be fed and can assist in tasks and quests. In order to keep levelling-up, players need to upgrade the lair.
This may prove enough for many players, but for those who enjoy strategy-based games, there is also the prospect of uniting with other players to build villages. It is then possible to complete against other villages to earn further points, or simply to play tricks on them, if a small amount of mischief is the goal. Pranks can be won and used on rival villages at a later point. It is also possible to move your house to a different village, for example if you wish to play with those of a different skill level.

The animation style and the characters themselves are colourful and playful. They seem to be oriented towards children, but older players are certain to enjoy it as well. The game offers an alternative to the current farming-themed games online and the strategy and cooperative nature of the game further enhances player engagement. The game-play is quite intuitive and as you level-up, achievements are unlocked that allow greater access to spells, tools and other resources.

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