Mayan Games Online and On Android Devices

The Maya Empire was commonly found in the tropical wetlands of what is now known as Guatemala. This empire reached its peak of influence and power around the 6th century A.D. Mayans were masters in many fields and has exceptional talent such as pottery, hieroglyph writings, agriculture, mathematic, and calendar-making. It is still a debate among scholars as to why the Mayans abandoned the great stone cities, however their presence in those places can still be felt by the symbolic artwork and impressive architecture which has braved the odds of time. There are various game developers that have been inspired by this indigenous society of Mesoamerica and have created some amazing online and mobile games themed on this civilisation.

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Mayan Riches Slots is a 5 reel 40 pay line online slots machine designed by IGT that can be found at, the online slots site. The dense lowland forest of Guatemala makes up the background of this game, and you will find symbols such as a Mayan temple, indigenous people in traditional wear, golden totems and high value cards on Mayan Riches Slots. Stacked Wilds feature will increase your chance of winning on this game, whereas Free Spins Bonus can be triggered when 3 Bonus scatters appear anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Train your brain with Maya Pyramid, the puzzle game designed by PlayScape that can be played on Android devices. Maya Pyramid is very similar to the solitaire game, however here you will have the chance to build your very own pyramid out of 12 pyramid blocks. This is a very challenging game where you will have 70 brain teasing levels which have been set in Adventure mode. If you are a fan of puzzles, brain teasing and board games, then is game is highly recommended for you.

Mayan Kuma is an arcade game compatible with Android devices and it has been created by LiveHome. This game can be considered as a popular casual game where you have to shoot to match coloured bubbles. Basically it is a match 3 feature game where you have to make sure that the chain does not reach the end. The more bubbles you pop and the higher will be your score. This game will allow you to create combos that will trigger a chain reaction, giving you more opportunities to get great items.

The gaming developer PuzzleGame has also created a match 3 jewel breaker game called Mayan Jewel Legend themed on the civilisation of the Mayan. When you are successful in matching 3 or more jewels in Mayan Jewel Legend, they break. You will require to match jewels until the brick is transparent. Your aim is to make all bricks where the jewels exists to become transparent. Discover the Mayan experience on this casual game where you can play up to 100 levels with Mayan lighting and Mayan energy features that could assist you during the game play.

With all these games, you will find how the Mayans were able to build a great civilisation in a tropical rainforest climate where jade gemstones were abundant. Did you know that the Mayans used saunas which are sweat baths made of stone walls and ceilings? Steam was created by pouring water onto the hot rocks in the room. It was a way for new mothers to revitalise themselves, and sick people found healing powers in sweating.

You may indulge in these games where you can discover more secrets about this ancient mysterious civilisation.

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