Matched Deposit bonus at Online Casino sites

Imagine logging on to your favourite casino site ready to make a deposit and have some fun, only to discover that there’s a special offer on – receive a matched deposit bonus for today only! Sounds good, but what does that actually mean? Is there a catch? Don’t worry – we’re going to be answering both of these questions throughout this article – visit Read on to find out more about matched deposit bonuses!

What are Matched Deposit Bonuses?

So you’re all set for your usual Saturday night Poker session, and you’re just about to deposit when the online casino of your choice announces to you that it is offering a ‘matched deposit bonus’ – you really have just hit the jackpot! This essentially means that however much cash you choose to deposit, the online casino will match it! Deposit £50 and you’ll be playing with £100! Doesn’t get much better than that! Only play a couple of different games? Don’t worry, because matched deposit bonuses are available on all sorts of games, including:  

          Poker, Blackjack and other Card Games



          SicBo, Craps and other dice games

So to answer your question, matched deposit bonuses are pretty darn good deal, that’s what they are! Remember this next time you’re making a deposit – if you haven’t got a matched bonus, maybe it’s worth having a browse for some other casinos that will really sort you out!

Sounds too good to be true…

That I can agree with – matched deposit bonuses really do sound like a bit of a miracle, but we can promise you that there is not catch – it’s literally free money! It’s important to note that whilst us casino game fans benefit from these deals greatly, it doesn’t effect the casino badly at all as you may think – in fact, they thrive off these offers for various reasons:

          It encourages regular clients to continue depositing cash at the same site

          It discourages regular clients from exploring alternative online casinos – after all, why would you leave a casino that is matching your cash?

          The extra cash often encourages casino fans to play games that they wouldn’t normally try – why not, it’s free!

Sometimes in life, we just find brilliant, simple arrangements that benefits both parties involved – situations like this are usually hard to come by, but not in the online casino world!

Double your Money

Overall, we are huge fans of matched deposits at online casino games. These kinds of offers weren’t always around, and in the past we were simply depositing cash and playing with what we had. Not anymore – we can simply pick the sites with the matched deposit offers and double our playing money! It gives us more winning opportunities whilst allowing us to be more liberal in the games that we play – and if this is also helping the casino out, that’s just a real bonus! Keep your eyes peeled – 2021 is going to be a huge year for matched deposit bonuses for online casino games.

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