Make A New Year’s Resolution To Protect Your Electronics Wisely

Another year is almost upon us, and it’s only natural to think of some New Year’s resolutions. While other people may choose to lose weight or really go for that promotion at work, maybe you’ve chosen to be more organized. The right technology can really help.

If you received a brand new iPhone or tablet this Christmas, don’t just use it as a way to stream video content and go on Facebook. The right apps can actively plan your life, whether you use them as an interactive to-do list, personal assistant or constant reminder of your goals. Consider downloading the organizational appThings ($10 for an iPhone, $20 for a tablet), a program created by productivity life coach David Allen. Users type in their to-do list with time limits, deadlines and categories like family or finances. Whether you have to take out the garbage, clean your house or file your taxes, this program can help you break down intimidating tasks into small manageable tasks and prioritize which need to be done first.

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Another useful app for people who want to monitor their own productivity, or find themselves easily distracted on the job,is RescueTime. For $9, this desktop program will track how long you spend on individual websites, note how much time you spend away from the computer and will notify you when you fail to meet your goals that day. It will even block particularly distracting websites and keep a log of your daily accomplishments. Whether you work from home or in a busy office, this seems like a particularly useful program to have at work and at home  – especially when a great cat video on YouTube is just a click away.


Now that you’ve gotten organized about your personal and professional life, how will you make sure that your precious personal assistant is secure? Smart people invest in customized protective care for their smartphones, Macbooks and tablets. A clunky black case is only going to weigh you down. It’s far better to purchase a sleek smartphone, Macbook or tablet skin made of high quality 3M vinyl. These unique coverings fit your communication device like a second skin. They act as a protective barrier against fingerprint smudges, spilled drinks and a hard drop on the sidewalk.

The iPhone, Macbook and the tablet are made from durable, reinforced glass but sometimes that isn’t enough. If you’ve taken the time to plan your whole life into your phone, laptop and tablet, you definitely don’t want your personal assistant to be destroyed. These unique smartphone and tablet skins protect your scheduling and motivational tools and also come in incredible designs, colours and patterns to fit your personal style.


By investing in a brand new cover made from high-quality vinyl, you’ll have a constant reminder of your commitment to your personal goals this year. For flashy and durable smartphone, laptop and tablet skins, click here to visit dbrand and check out their amazing selection of products. With styles running from faux wood paneling to matte black, this online retailer keeps ahead of the trends. They also make covers for Android, iPhone and Nexus smartphones, fitting multiple sizes and generations of smartphones, laptops and tablets. It’s never too late to get motivated. Meet your goals this year with help from a flashy, well-protected electronic personal assistant.

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