How to Send and Receive Facebook Chat Stickers From Desktop

For those who are already using Facebook Messenger app for Android or iPhone know what these stickers are. Really Stickers are large image used to show various  emotions, just like emoticons but its large, clean and crisper. These Facebook stickers are really funny and cute.

Facebook chat stickers

But sadly this feature is only available for mobile platforms. But don’t worry, everything has a solution. If you want to bring the same  to the desktop, a small extension for  Chrome and Firefox is available called Facemoji.

Facemoji is an extension that allows us to send and receive Facebook Chat Stickers from your desktop using chrome or firefox browser. Installing and making Facemoji work is simple and easy.

Steps to Send and Receive Facebook Chat Stickers From Desktop

1. Sign in to your Facebook account.

2. Install Facemoji extension, link below for Chrome & Firefox.

[icon name=icon-chrome]   Facemoji for Chrome              [icon name=icon-firefox]  Facemoji for Firefox

3. After installation a new page will open(see screenshot)

facemoji setup


4. Press on login button then goto facebook and refresh (press F5)

5. Open Chat box and you will see a new icon below the smiley face in the text box.

fb chat sticker desktop

6. Select any Facebook chat sticker emoticons and have fun.

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