How To Disable or Turn Off Facebook Graph Search

Did you got the new Graph Search? Facebook rolled out this feature only for limited accounts, those who are using their language English(U.S). Many users loving this graph search because its intuitive large search bar and makes it easier to find people by interests and habits.remove disable facebook graph search

Graph search doesn’t have current search capabilities, it failed to find events, pages and when it fails to give the appropriate result it redirects to Bing search. Remember Graph search is still in beta and they will fix all these problems when they rolled out for everyone just like new timeline.

For those hate Graph Search, you can disable this by a simple trick.

Steps to Disable/TurnOff/Remove Graph Search

1. Go to Account Settings.

2. In General Account Settings click on Language.remove disable facebook graph search

3. From the drop down box change language to English(UK).remove disable facebook graph search

4. Click on Save Changes and instantly you will get old search bar.

If you want to go back to graph search, simply change the language to English(US)

That’s it, Done!

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