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How to Completely Remove Claro Search from Chrome and Firefox - Digital Advices

How to Completely Remove Claro Search from Chrome and Firefox

Claro Search also known as iSearch is an Ad ware program installed automatically when we install some free windows software and also it changes our browser settings including Internet Explorer automatically with out our notice.

Next time when you try to installing any softwares especially free ones, select for the custom installation and deselect anything that is not familiar. Once claro search is installed, when you open chrome or new tab you will get a new Claro search page by over-riding your current settings.remove claro search from google chrome

Instructions to Remove Claro Search from Google Chrome

[icon name=icon-pushpin] First of all Uninstall Claro search program from your computer.

[icon name=icon-pushpin] Go to Control Panel Add or Remove ProgramsUninstall Claro (In your PC the name might be different, so its better to install all programs named claro) uninstall claro search

[icon name=icon-pushpin] Go to Chrome SettingsExtensions on left side and find Claro Toolbar then click on the Bin icon to completely remove claro search extension from chrome. remove claro search extension from chrome

Voila! You have just successfully removed this shit from your Chrome.

Instructions to Remove Claro Search from Firefox

[icon name=icon-pushpin] Follow the first two steps that mentioned in “Instructions to Remove Claro Search from Google Chrome

[icon name=icon-pushpin] Click on the search icon in the search box and select Manage Search Engines.manage search engines in firefox

[icon name=icon-pushpin]  Choose Claro Search from the list of search engines, click Remove to successfully remove it. Proceed to click OK to save changes.

manage search engine in firefox

[icon name=icon-pushpin]  Navigate to Tools → Options. Under the General tab reset the startup homepage or change it to your preferred search engine.

set homepage in firefox

[icon name=icon-pushpin] In address bar type about:config and hit Enter and click on I’ll be careful, I promise!about config firefox settings

[icon name=icon-pushpin] In the search box type Now you can see a single item in the preference window, right-click on that item and select Reset.

abot config settings claro

Congrats, You successfully removed Claro search from firefox.

If you face any difficulties at any step, please let me know via comments, I can help you.

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  1. This seems to easy to be true…
    In any case when I got to the last stage I got multiple options containing the claro but none that was

    I removed them -hope I didn’t do any damage on the way..

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