How to Close Apps in Windows 8 [Video]

Windows 8 metro apps didn’t have  a traditional close button or a minimize button. Then how you close the apps once they have been opened? It doesn’t mean you cannot close any app.  Obviously a fellow Windows user may have quite a hard time to quit such an app.

How to close Metro Apps in Windows 8?

Interestingly, there are four ways to close an opened Metro app in Windows 8.

[icon name=icon-bookmark-empty] Alt + F4 This is the simplest and most used key combination to close apps in Windows 8. Just try it.

[icon name=icon-bookmark-empty]  Move mouse to the top of the screen until the pointer turns into a “Hand” then  click and drag downwards to the bottom and release. Here is a quick video of the same, Watch it!


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[icon name=icon-bookmark-empty]  Using Task Manager   This is just like old Windows versions. Press Alt + Ctrl + Del then select the application you want to close and click on End Taskbutton.

end task using task manager
Click End task to close Apps

[icon name=icon-bookmark-empty]  This method will work on traditional desktop mode. Move mouse to the top left corner and wait for a second. A taskbar showing all running Modern Metro Apps will appear, then right-click on the thumbnail of the app you wish to close and hit Close button.

close windows 8 apps
Right click on the thumbnail and click Close

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