Google Pixel C – A well built convertible Android tablet[Gallery]

Pixel C is the first Android tablet purely built by Google. The Pixel C brings together the benefits of a full-size keyboard with the portability of a tablet. The tablet and keyboard attach magnetically, so it’s easy to switch between typing and using the touch screen.

he price of Google Pixel C is $499 for the 32GB model and $599 for the 64GB model.

Talking about the features, the Pixel C Tablet has been design to offer laptop like experience. It packs a 10.2-inch of big 2560 x 1800 display screen, powered by Tegra X1 processor with 3GB of RAM. The device runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow and features USB Type-C with a keyboard attachment.

The keyboard attachment will be sold separately with the price tag of $149.

The back of the tablet is made out of sleek aluminum. This makes it resemble the Apple iPad Pro more than Microsoft Surface 3. The svelte tablet isn’t bogged down by the Bluetooth keyboard. Both are fashionably slim.

The keyboard comes with a small battery that charges when you use the keyboard as the tablet’s cover. The charging time is just a few minutes, and when fully charged the keyboard’s battery lasts for about two months.


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