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People who possess a MS in MIS (Master of Science in Management Information Systems) degree have several career paths open to them. This advanced degree prepares students for a rewarding career by teaching them how information systems works as well as how these systems can benefit the bottom line of a business. Individuals with this degree enjoy careers that utilize both their technical and business skills. Check out some of the most popular careers for people who earn a Master of Science degree with a focus on management information systems.

Computers and Information Systems Manager

Many computer and information systems managers work for large companies or corporations. This professional is responsible for creating an information system that will serve the specific needs of a company. The information system must assist a business in achieving its unique goals. Generally, a computer and information systems manager directs the efforts of IT workers who are helping to set up the system. A Master of Science in Management Information Systems prepares this professional with the skills to create an up-to-date information system for a business.

Computer Systems Analyst

This professional serves a company or business by analyzing its current information system. After performing an analysis, the individual offers ideas for improving the efficiency of the system. Ideally, the ideas offered by the computer systems analyst will lead to increased profits for the business. A computer systems analyst is an expert at determining how a company can use its information system in the most effective way. This is a popular occupation for people with a Master of Science in MIS because they have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in information technology.

Information Security Analyst

Finally, an information security analyst is responsible for protecting a company or business’ information systems from cyber-attacks and other security breaches. This professional monitors the various parts of a company’s information system to find any weak points that may be vulnerable to viruses and other harmful attacks. If the person does find a vulnerable point in a system, it’s his or her duty to advise the company on the necessary changes. An information security analyst uses a tremendous amount of technical knowledge in monitoring the security of a company’s information systems. This professional also uses his or her business background to maintain an information system that allows a company to operate in an efficient way.

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