Get Makeup App on Your Mobile and How to Use It

A makeup app is a virtual cosmetic kit that one should have in a purse. I was searching for a utility service company who can provide me a makeup professional to perform make over on the special day of cousin’s marriage. While searching through the web, I came across Urbanclap, and found they are experts in providing home services to clients. I needed a trusted professional to do my make over and hairstyle in a perfect way. I was not able to find an experienced and well known makeover professional through Urbanclap Bangalore. I noticed, the site provided a full list of makeup apps that can help me to perform the makeover myself for the occasion. Even my friends also suggested me to use the app, as some of my friends have already tried them and they have found the app instructions quite easy to follow.


The app helps to try out different looks

Instead of choosing makeup service Bangalore, I decided to choose one of the apps and the most advanced virtual make over application takes your virtual makeover to the next level. It helped me to try thousands of cosmetic colors and shades within few seconds. I also tried different celebrity hair styles and tried different sort of accessories such sunglasses, jewelery, earrings and much more. The technology has offered a variety of options to try out hair colors and makeup looks. I also tried pre-set celebrity styles on me. The app is specially designed for the modern woman and choose makeup looks that matched to your lifestyle. The facial detection senses would read the shape of your face with greater accuracy and thus it helped me to experiment hundred of makeups which I can apply in real life.

Give yourself a complete makeover using the app

The app helped me to choose unique combinations of makeover products and it gave me needed to enhance my skin, eyebrows, lips, hair and teeth. I tried a mix and match style of hundreds of different lipsticks, mascara and foundation color combination. Then I chose a fresh hairstyle with cuts best suited for me. The beauty toolbox available in the app, features great styles which you can try out for night party makeup or a makeup for a special occasion like marriage. The app senses your facial features and it applies true to life make- up after capturing your image. You can even try the make over on your selfies and portrait photos. From, a great range of natural and cosmetic makeup styles, I selected a style that fits with my personality and, I got the style I should try on the day of my cousin ‘s marriage.

Interesting features

The app can be used to try makeup on your own photo and I found more than 200 real life cosmetic shades. It has built in color technology will give you the right result on applying cosmetics on your face. I was surprised to see that the app supports popular social networking sites and you can share the final images to make over done with your friends. The app uses the latest technology and if you want yourself to look stunning in wedding photograph, you must download the app on your device. Share the makeover done on your face with your friends.

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