Five Things that Will Hurt Your First eCommerce Campaign

You may have your marketing campaign planned out ahead of time and think that it is going to be amazingly successful, but after it begins, it becomes quickly clear that something has gone very wrong. You are not getting the response you thought you would and are not certain why this is true. There are several things that can go wrong with any marketing campaign, but the following are some of the most common, and they are directly related to your website.


A slow loading site
Your prospective customer has arrived at your site, but you have a slow loading site that makes a customer abandon any attempt to get further information. Your website must be fast loading and devoid of any memory intensive applications.

You failed to get a prospective customer’s email
Sometimes the mistake is thinking you can make a sale the first time someone comes to your website, but the truth is that it often takes more than one visit to make a sale. You need to get a prospective customer’s name and email, so you can attempt to entice them back to your site and make the sale later.

Limited payment methods
It is common for an online business to offer one method of payment. It is as if they believe that everyone pays the same way. Studies show that the more payment options you offer, the greater your sales will be. Make it easy to pay for the product you are selling.

Security issues
If there is one thing that will get a prospective customer to abandon their shopping cart, it is when their browser tells them the site is unsafe. Make sure your payment system is encrypted and your security certificates are up-to-date.

Check-out is difficult
A customer may be ready to make a purchase, but when they go to check out, there are bugs in the system, or it is simply too confusing. Always make it easy for a customer to buy your product. The best way to achieve this is with a good web site shopping cart program.

If you are currently having problems promoting your product, you need to take a look at the possible problems listed above. There are many Internet companies that offer help relating to websites and shopping cart software. They can assist you in creating an entirely new site quickly and get your business headed down the right path. One example of this type of company is

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