Finding the Right Bundle and Save your Money

To save you money and simplify your billing, cable and satellite providers often bundle the services they offer. Bundling several services with a single provider will usually save money, but you’ll need to evaluate any bundle deals to make sure you’re not paying for services you don’t need.

The most common bundles are cable or satellite TV with internet, and sometimes with wireless phone service. Some companies will include home security and home automation services in their bundles. These latter services can be critical for your family’s safety, since they can send remote alerts in case of burglary or fire. A few providers will even include video game systems, complete with extra games and controllers. This can cost you much less than buying each item separately.

Compare the bundles offered by the providers who serve your neighborhood. Consider not just the price, but what you get for your money. If a bundle offered by Provider A costs slightly more than the bundle offered by Provider B, Provider A may still be a better deal if you get more services, or a higher level of service.

Also bear in mind what your family uses. For example, if your family will have several devices connected to the internet at the same time, or if you use the web to operate a business from your home, you will need a much higher internet speed than the average, In comparing TV and internet bundles, be sure you are comparing services with the capacity you need.

Don’t be distracted by a long list of advertised services if it includes some you’re unlikely to use often. You don’t need to pay for a land line phone, for example, if you’re accustomed to calling only through your cell phone.

Sometimes you can save money with limited-time offers, with reduced rates for a specified period, but the rates will increase when the promotional period ends. Be sure to consider the regular rate, not just the promotional rate, in evaluating any offer. It’s also wise to ask if the provider requires long-term commitments.

Some independent websites analyze competing bundled service offers. Since these websites do not have exclusive commitments to any provider, they can give you unbiased comparisons of the different bundles. With some websites, including, you can compare and order your services and equipment at one place.

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