Search Any Files and Folders Instantly in Desktop with “Everything Search Engine”

Default search in Windows is little messy to find files in your PC quickly, the main problem is its very slow. If you want to try a fast, free option for finding your files, use Everything.

Everything is a file search engine for Windows. It can quickly locate files and folders by name as you start typing. This tiny application quickly creates an index database of all your files  and displays when you start typing. Everything only uses file and folder names and generally takes a few seconds to build its database. 1,000,000 files will take about 1 minute to index.

faster search for windows
Everything File Search Engine

Why you should use Everything?

  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • Everything uses very little system resources.
  • Real time index updating.
  • Quick File Indexing, take about 1 second to index.
  • Showing results when you start typing.

Using Everything

Download Everything(link below) (334 KB) and install in your PC. When it runs for the first time it takes some time to index all your files in hard disk. Once it completes the process you can start enjoying it.

If you want to remove showing search results from a specific drive, you can disable indexing that drive. To achieve this, head over to “Tools” → “Options” → “NTFS Volume” then select the drive you want to de-index and uncheck “Include in Database”.(See Screenshot)

search engine for windows
Tools→Options→NTFS Volume

To find a particular file just type the name of the file in the search box and results are displayed as you type them. Here I used the keyword “vivek“, you can see in the screenshot it displays all the folders and files with that word.

search engines for windows
Find Anything

Remember one thing, Everything only supports NTFS File system. So what are you waiting for? Download and find files in your PC instantly.

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    Thanks for letting us know about the awesome software here. It is pain for everyone to search for any folder by finding it, I think this is really time saving software and I must try it out.

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