Download Firefox 18 with Faster Page Loading, Retina Support & Much More

Mozilla has launched Firefox 18.0, the latest stable build of its open-source, cross-platform web browser. Firefox 18’s most notable new features are faster JavaScript engine to improve page loading times by up to 26 per cent over the previous version and for Mac users includes Full Retina-display support on Macs running OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later. The new Final version of Firefox 18 is available for download right now.

firefox 18 download

Firefox 18 also implements basic support for WebRTC, which will eventually allow compatible browsers to perform certain high-end functions such as video and voice calls without the need for third-party plugins.

The new IonMonkey Java compiler will help optimize the translation of Javascript to machine code. It will create what Mozilla calls a ‘Middle Step’ – labeled an intermediate representation (IR) – where the compiler will be able to review the translation results and optimize them..

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What’s New in Firefox 18?

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Faster JavaScript performance via IonMonkey compiler.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Support for Retina Display on OS X 10.7 and up.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Preliminary support for WebRTC.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Experience better image quality with our new HTML scaling algorithm.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Performance improvements around tab switching.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Improvement in startup time through smart handling of signed extension certificates.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Disabled insecure content loading on HTTPS pages.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Improved responsiveness for users on proxies.

Apart from these features, there are some bug fixes and other smaller features. You can read full release notes from here Official Firefox 18 release note.

You can download Firefox 18 offline installer from the link below.

Download Firefox 18

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  1. I downloaded ff 18. Should I and how do I uninstall ff 17?? I don’t remember the site from which I downloaded ff 18. How do I make certain that it is from Mozilla?

    • Hello Myrna,
      To install Firefox 18 you don’t need to uninstall the previous version, just run the setup.
      Here I included Firefox download link which is from official site.

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