What is the Difference Between LTE and VoLTE

In recent days we people often listing to LTE and VoLTE words. Actually What is the Difference Between LTE and VoLTE network ?

LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution”

VoLTE stands for “Voice Over LTE”

Difference Between LTE and VoLTE

Difference Between LTE and VoLTE

Stands for Long Term Evolution
Stands for Voice over LTE
Primarily designed to be a data-only technology Designed to carry both voice and data
Does not natively support voice transmission. Supports voice as well as data transmission.
Quality of voice reduces if data connection is left on. Voice quality remains excellent even if the data connection is on

What is LTE?

LTE is a mobile Internet technology standard. It’s an abbreviation of Long Term Evolution. You may wonder why LTE keeps popping up in context of 4G. Well, 4G (or fourth generation) is just a common name given to LTE technology. In short, 4G and LTE are synonyms.

Theoretically, LTE supports download speed of 100 MBits per second and upload speed of 50 MBits per second. Another variant of LTE, called LTE-Advanced, supports download speed of 1 GBits per second and upload speed of 500 MBits per second.

LTE is considered a technological evolution on both CDMA and GSM standards, that were used several years ago. Nowadays, LTE is fast becoming available across the globe and mobile Internet Service Providers are upgrading their networks from 3G to 4G. LTE is at present the fastest data transfer technology and soon it may become the most dominant among all the mobile Internet technologies being used.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE which stands for Voice Over LTE, and it is yet another major step ahead which actually allows technology that for the telephone communication to be broadcast over LTE. Historically, conversation which uses voice has been based on the much older 2G technology. VoLTE which also enables the more high quality i.e HD voice calls, so for an addition to this quicker call connections, Wi-Fi calling integration and so many industry types call this as Rich Communications Services. This will also includes things like real-time translation built which directly into devices native dialing app and Video Calls, rather than any 3rd part applications like Skype.


What are the benefits of VoLTE?

Superior call quality – The big advantage of VoLTE is that call quality is superior to 3G or 2G connections as far more data can be transferred over 4G than 2G or 3G. Up to three times as much data as 3G and up to six times as much as 2G to be precise, making it easier to make out not only what the person on the other end of the line is saying, but also their tone of voice. Essentially it’s an HD voice call and it’s a much richer experience over all.

Improved coverage and connectivity – VoLTE can connect calls up to twice as fast as the current methods and as 2G and 3G connections will still be available when there’s no 4G signal it simply means that there’s greater mobile coverage overall, as currently places with a 4G signal but no 2G or 3G means that one you can’t make or receive calls.

Better battery life – Anyone who currently uses 4G could also find their battery life increased with VoLTE, as right now whenever you make or receive a call your phone has to switch from 4G to 2G or 3G, since 4G calls aren’t supported (other than on Three Super-Voice) and then once the call is finished it switches back again. All that switching, plus the need to search for a different signal each time, can give the battery a significant hit.

Video calling – It’s also theoretically possible to make video calls over 4G, much like a Skype call except you’d just use your mobile number and be able to use the regular dialler and call interface, so you can make and receive video calls from anyone else with VoLTE, rather than relying on separate accounts.

As VoLTE is tied to data it could also mean that you won’t have to worry about how many minutes you use, as everything will fall under data use.

Now LTE in simple words is the advanced version of our network. 4G is LTE. The reason for 4G is the increased transmission speed. 4G stands for fourth generation.

Both LTE and VoLTE are completely different. LTE is a mobile network type. VoLTE is a software.

LTE cannot be brought to device through software update. It is hardware based thing. But VoLTE can be brought to your 4G device through OS updates.

I hope you understand the difference between LTE and VoLTE.


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