Deposits for Slots through Mobile

There are many different slot deposit options for players to choose from, particularly if players are using a mobile phone. Many players prefer to take advantage of the deposit alternatives that are available through mobile slots gaming. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, some are quicker while others have a lower deposit limit. 

Ways to Deposit 

Phone Bill 

This allows players to deposit money through their phone bill, this allows players to access funds instantly. It generally allows players to deposit either £3, £5 or £10. Not only is this method incredibly secure but it is also very fast. Players will instantly be notified that the transaction has taken place and will be free to use the deposit. It saves time because players don’t have to enter their card details. 

Top Up 

Players can also pay if their mobile phone is not on a specific contract, phones which are topped up can also be used for slot deposits. Instead of using the phone bill, players can use their phone top up to pay for the deposit. Top up can also refer to the process of topping up the casino account, this can be done through mobile phones. 

Phone Credit 

Players can also use their phone credit to pay for mobile slot deposits. This method is particularly advantageous because it allows players to set a limit on how much they are spending, ensuring that they never go over budget. 


The speed of mobile deposits are a definite positive, the process happens almost instantaneously. As players don’t need to enter any credit or debit card details to make a deposit, payments happen a lot faster. It is a quick and simple process which encourages players to play. It also encourages responsible gambling with its low daily deposit limits. It is a very secure process and is safer than traditional ways to deposit as it doesn’t risk players credit/debit card details getting stolen by hackers. 


Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to using mobile phone deposits. The major disadvantage is that there are no withdrawals allowed, this means that players have to use another method to get access to their winnings, this is a much longer process than depositing funds. The low deposit limits can also be considered a disadvantage, as they are so low that players won’t be able to take full advantage of all the special bonuses and features that online casinos offer. Players are limited to £10 per transaction or an overall £30 for the whole day! There is also an issue for people who don’t have modern phone models as there is even a chance that they won’t support this type of payment method. 


With such a speedy process, many players are using their phones to place deposits on slots. While this doesn’t allow for big spending to take place, it gives players the chance to use an extremely safe and efficient payment method. It encourages responsible gambling with the deposit limits and is simple to use.

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