Comparing New Compatible and Re-manufactured Compatible Cartridges

Buying a new toner cartridge, every time the printer runs out of ink, can prove to be very expensive. So, obviously one has to look for other options that are both inexpensive and of similar quality.

Now usually such a customer is presented with two choices, he can either opt for a new compatible cartridge or he can go for a re-manufactured compatible cartridge.

Obviously by the sound of it, the new compatible cartridge seems better, but experts beg to differ.

So come on, let’s find out how both compatible toner cartridges fare against each other, and see which one is the better option.

What’s the Big Difference?

A new compatible cartridge is made entirely from new parts but is of lower quality and imitates the original cartridge as closely as possible.

On the other hand, the re-manufactured compatible cartridges are made out of recycled parts from the original cartridge and are made exactly to the size of the original cartridge.

So essentially, getting a new compatible cartridge is like getting a Rolex from China for a fraction of the price. It may work fine at first, but it’s eventually going to show its true colors and only mess the printer and your work even more.

Naturally, going for the re-manufactured compatible cartridge is the best idea. Still not convinced, then here are some reasons for you to consider.

Why the Re-manufactured Compatible Cartridge is a better Option?

For one, the re-manufactured compatible cartridge is made mostly or entirely out of recycled original parts. So you never have to worry about the fit, size or compatibility with your printer.

But with the new compatible cartridge, there is always the issue of fit and compatibility. Since the new compatible cartridge manufacturers use their own design, it is highly possible that the cartridge that you order might never fit your printer.

And even if it does, the printer might have a hard time recognizing it, causing you more troubles. But when you buy a high quality re-manufactured compatible toner cartridge from a certified supplier, you will never have to worry about such problems. Also you can expect exceptional quality from such products as well.

Environmental Implications

When purchasing something of chemical nature you also have to pay heed to the environmental implications of the product, and the same applies to compatible toner cartridges as well. Click here for Toner cartridges in case you want to buy online. Thus it’s only fair we compare the new and remanufactured cartridges based on this ground as well.

So let’s see, new compatible cartridges are made entirely out of new plastic products, using outdated technology in developing countries. And the re-manufactured compatible cartridges are made using recycled plastic with minimal use of new material.

Which one do you think is more environmental friendly?

So the results are pretty clear, and it’s quite safe to assume that the re-manufactured cartridge is the ideal option in a number of ways; and is in fact much cheaper than the new compatible cartridges as well.

Go ahead, make the right decision and choose the product that’s more pocket and environment friendly.

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