Chat and Check Notifications without Opening Facebook in Firefox 17

Here is a some good news for Facebook addicts

The latest update of Mozilla Firefox brings some notable changes. Firefox 17 comes with a Social [abbr title=”Application Programming Interface”]API[/abbr], that allows you to integrate Facebook in your browser sidebar. So you don’t need to open Facebook just for checking notifications and you will be able to see your Friend Requests, Ticker, Messages and chat with your friends, no matter which webpage you’re currently looking at.

By default this feature is disabled you have to enable it manually. Here is how you turn it on:

How to Enable Facebook Messenger on Firefox.

1. Make sure you are running Firefox 17, to check which Firefox version goto HelpAbout Firefox. If you’re not using the latest version update it.

facebook messenger in firefox 17
Firefox 17

2. Go to Click the “Turn On” button (You will have to login to your Facebook account).

enable facebook messenger in firefox 17
Click Turn On button

That’s all,  now you can see Facebook button on your top right and you check  Notifications, Message Inbox and Friend Request on the Firefox Toolbar.

If you don’t want the sidebar you can disable it by clicking Facebook button and deselect “Show Sidebar” facebook messenger for firefox

To remove, simply click the “Facebook” icon and select “Remove from Firefox”.

[icon name=icon-download-alt]Download Firefox 17.

Enjoy, Do share this with your friends 🙂

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  1. Nothing much for the article, but landed first time on your website. And pretty much impressed by it. Seems like it is heavily inspired from TNW theme, but is nice. One point which i didn’t liked is higher loading time. Work on that as well, and this shall be great!!

  2. nice tips,,, I think the developers of facebook trying to make people always connected to. without opening it’s site…

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