BHASH SMS: Your Ultimate Platform to Send Bulk SMS

Today, we all need extra support to promote our products and get people engaged in our subject effectively. A great online bulk SMS service that will help you to contact more people in less time is very essential to create better awareness. Such a software that I came across while searching for a reliable SMS service, is “Bhash SMS”. It is one of the leading service provider that specializes in spreading many different forms of messages like promotional and transitional SMS.


There are countless supplier of such amenity, but there are only a few that can prove beneficial to you and your project. With the help of search engines like Google, you can easily avail a list of various SMS service provider in India. They are not all reliable, so I asked questions on different forums to get some assistance to zone on the best supplier. The most common answer that I received was Bhash SMS from the users that had first hand experience with this benefactor. The signing up process for this service was easy and took only few minutes to get the whole process up and running.


The purpose of contacting your audience via SMS can have different motives and expectations. Bhash SMS understands that need of its client and has launched various services that you can choose to serve your purpose commendably.

  1. Promotional SMS

Getting in direct contact with thousands of audience can be an excruciating task without a resourceful software. Bhash SMS allows you to send messages in bulk at 7ps/SMS, which is a fairly low amount considering the impact that it will accomplish.

  1. Transactional SMS

You need a strong link between the message sender and recipient. This service can also be your bulk SMS gateway provider, which takes care of important aspects like privacy and time gap. Avoid any overlapping and postponing of your important SMS by using this service by Bhash SMS.

  1. Bulk SMS API

Incorporating Bhash SMS with your IT infrastructure like telecommunication network is easy and swift. This service will eliminate any delaying and lengthy gaps between the whole sending and receiving message process.

  1. Business SMS

The sole purpose of this service is to provide a company’s customer with constant offer and other important information updates. You can also add a personalized touch to your messages and send bulk SMS Delhi to avail countless benefits.

  1. SMS Reseller

This special service by Bhash SMS is designed to provide you the immediate contact with your bulk messages on the go. With simple internet availability, you can send “n” number of promotional or other forms of SMS’s instantly to gain more welfares.

The importance of using such services is huge and endless. If you are running a company or want to sell your product, you need a great advertising strategy and dispatching messages in bulk to your spectators is the most common method used today. Create your account, add user information and within seconds you can start your campaign at reasonable charges. There is about 97% more chance that your SMS will be seen by your targeted audience versus an E-mail or other approaches. An SMS to a phone can be accessed by the person instantly, which increase the probability of user’s interest in your product or scheme.

Bhash SMS provides you with multiple package options, which you can avail as per your requirements. They commonly divided their service into 3 schemes; Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver is also known as the starter package that allows you to send 10,000 messages in just Rs. 1.5K, while the Gold package provides you with 1,00,000 SMS for Rs. 6K. If you are looking to target a wider audience, you can pick their ultimate Platinum package with which you can send up-to 5,00,000 messages for only Rs. 25K with ease. Irrespective of the option you choose, you get the important benefits like powerful web API’s, promotional option and unlimited validity in every arrangement.

Users feel connected with their motto “Grow With Us” and the majority of people rated this application as one of the best in the market today. Some appreciate its incredible phone service that allows you to talk to their representatives 24×7, while others love their easy to use platform and sending personalized SMS element. In many forums and online rating websites, users have reported some amazing success stories after using Bhash SMS. Don’t wait any longer and let your presence known with the best bulk SMS service in India.




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