Best Power Plant to Save you from Power Loss

A fully functioning, reliable power plant is critical in the aviation and military fields. A loss of power to vehicles in these areas could well result in vital losses in time and money, and depending on the circumstances, could have deadly consequences.

Companies in these areas need to rely on equipment that will provide a rapid, dependable charge when the need arises.

Turbine starting equipment comes in a wide variety of starting units, with varied voltage measures. One company, Start Pac, provides a selection of portable starting units in Lead Acid and Lithium, as well as ground power units.

One such unit with great reliability and versatility is the Model 2300QC.

The Model 2300QC is a 24V all-in-one unit. Able to start turbine or piston engines up to 1500 horsepower, it is fully operational at home base as well as out in the field.

Designed for engine starting only, the air portable/carry-on unit comes with built-in chargers, power plugs and cables. With a recharge time of less than 3.5 hours, its universal chargers will accept 90-240 VAC at 50/60 hertz.

One exceptional feature in the 2300QC is the portable battery pack. The pack is a separate removable unit, able to be changed in 10 seconds on location.

The unit has 4 amp chargers, dual redundant, providing 4-6 starts between charges.

When plugged into an AC source, the unit is functional for maintenance with 8 amps at 28 VDC, and will not deplete the batteries.

Based on the aircraft, it is possible to back charge the ground power unit (GPU) through the ship’s generator, enabling indefinite field recharges without an AC source. The GPU is also available in a self-propelled model.

This model, also available as a “Twin Pac”, has batteries with no memory effect, able to be recharged at any time.

For ease of transport, it is available with a separate trolley.


Dimensions: L19.2″ x W7.5″ x H11.5″/L48.768cm x W19.05cm x H29.21cm.
Weight: 69lbs/31kg Complete with aircraft cable and built-in charger.
26 AMP hours @ 10 hour rate.
2300 AMPS Peak Current.
Not to be used as an aircraft battery charger.

The company uses non-toxic recyclable batteries as well as eco-friendly VOC Powder Coating.

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