Although playing online slots at Mr Luck is a game of chance, one can make decisions that will influence what they gain from their chances. Common knowledge indicates that if you are looking to beat the house edge must:

  1. Pick the right casino to play at
  2. Understand the dynamics of your preferred slot
  3. Stick a good game plan
  4. Stick to a good bankroll management scheme

This article sheds light on advanced tips for online slot players based on these principles.

Best Casinos for Online Slots

You must select a good casino first before anything else. There are many online casinos today with thousands of slots, and finding the one that suits your needs best is not hard. There are simple things to look out for:

  • Licensing and Regulation: A good casino must be authorized to operate in your jurisdiction, otherwise you’re just an illegal gambler.
  • Security and Banking: Reputable casinos have sufficient and reliable banking methods that are secured with SSL-encryption technology.
  • Promotions: Bonuses increase your likelihood of winning. However, you must find out the wagering requirements attached to any bonus.
  • Games Variety: A casino should have many types of games. You don’t want to be stuck in a casino where you can’t check out other types of online slots.
  • Customer Support: A good casino is mostly measured by users through its ability to respond to complaints. You’ll want to watch out for user reviews.

Best Online Slots Strategy to Win Real Money

Now that you have selected the best casino you’ll be playing at, how do you start winning? And the answer is simple; get a solid game plan. One that considers what slot game has the best features you need to optimize your chances of winning.

These features include the slots’ Return To Player (RTP)/house edge, volatility, bonus games, jackpot type, etc. You can follow these tips to help increase your likelihood of winning:

RTP/House Edge: The RTP percentage determines how much you’ll win in the long run, while the remaining percentage is the edge that the house has in the long run. Playing slots with a higher RTP reduces the casino’s advantage/edge and increases your chances of winning

Volatility: Slots have low, medium, and high volatility. In a high volatility slot, wins are rare but massive. Therefore, you can place smaller bets with these kinds of slots and place bigger bets on a medium or low volatility slot where wins are more regular.

Bonus offers: You must read the wagering requirements for each bonus offer you partake in, and incorporate it into your bankroll strategy. 

Manage Your Bankroll for Online Slots

Now that we have our preferred casino and our guidelines on how to play slots, we can address the most important aspect – money. It is simple; get a bankroll, get a strategy for that bankroll, and most importantly, get some discipline for that strategy.

Because at the end of the day, if your discipline fails, then so will your strategy and bankroll. Eventually you can’t play long term to increase your chances of winning. You should decide what each wager will weigh and how to place them when you’re on a winning or losing streak.

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