7 Things You Need To Know About The New Google Plus

At the Google I/O 2013 conference, Google launched a revamped Google Plus and 41 new features. The main change in new Google + is its layout, its somewhat Pinterest inspired design – multi column view.

What you will notice immediately is the new two column layout which puts the focus on the content. The new Google+ is fully responsive and optimized for people who are visibly impaired by optimizing the layout even when using extreme browser zoom.

But some people difficult to use new Google Plus, but I think G+ is more user-friendly than Facebook. Here are some effective tips and tricks to use use the new Google plus effectively.

Tips and Tricks for New Google +

1. Get Single column view in new Google +

By default muli-coloumn view is activated, but it’s not good for small screens. If you want to browse G+ in a single column which means all posts will display one by one.tips and tricks for google plus

2. Browse Google+ Pages and Communities in sigle column

If you want to view Google+ Communities and Pages in single column, go to your settings icon (left pop-out menu last gear icon) and scroll through the settings until you find the Accessibility option.

Tick the check box Change the presentation of some pages to work better with screen readers and other assistive tools.tips and tricks for google plus

3. Better way to find live Hangouts using hashtag

A better way to find live hangouts using the hashtag #hangoutposts.

4. Refresh new posts using keyboard shortcut

Waiting for new Posts? Click on the “Up arrow on top left side” or Press “L

5. New G+ sidebar

The new sidebar is beautiful & clean and is designed to simplify navigation through Google+  and its has an auto hide feature.new stream'

6. Automatic Photo Enhancement

Beyond simple cropping and filtering, there are options that help you enhance the lighting of your photos, find the best photos of the bunch, create a collage, animate a series of similar images into a gif-like creation, and more. google plus photo enhancement

New photos are automatically enhanced, if you do not want that, uncheck the option “Automatically enhance new photos” under settings.

7. What’s Hot in sidebar menu

The new What’s Hot tab is the place where you’ll find all the top trending stories on Google+. These top trends are related of course to your interests. Also you can access What’s hot section fro the sidebar menu.whats hot google plus

Have you checked the All new Google Plus? Let me know whats your opinion…

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