5 Best Social Media Metro Apps for Windows 8

Almost everyone uses multiple social networks or even a single one and checking new post on Facebook or tweets have become a part of routine life. Windows Store has already 20,000 + apps  for Windows 8 but sadly there is still no official app from Facebook and twitter but it comes with in-built apps that lets you show updates of Facebook and Twitter.It also presents you the whole address book from Facebook, Twitter, Skype and your mail accounts. Here is my favorite Social apps for Win 8.

1. Flip Toastflip toast for  windows 8

Flip Toast is an all in all Social Media app for Windows 8. It lets you to interact and engage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram in a whole new metro way. You can update your status, share photos, engage with tweets, liking, commenting and much more.

Features of Flip Toast

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Stay up to date on the latest updates from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Discover relevant social content from your friends using our social search.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Update your status and share photo memories with your friends and family.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Like, comment, tweet, re-tweet, favourite or reply to posts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Never forget a friend’s birthday with our helpful birthday reminders.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] View notifications whenever your friends post on your wall or mention you in a tweet.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] View your Facebook inbox messages or Twitter direct messages.

2. Instametrogramsocial media apps for windows 8

Instametrogram is a free application to view photos on Instagram. You can see the latest photos from your friends and access your own images. You can like, comment and share photos with others. With notification and live tiles you can keep updated on what is happening on your Instagram. You can´t upload images.

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Features of Instametrogram

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Like, Comment and Share Instagram photos.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] See where your Instagram photos were taken, on a map.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Live tiles with your Instagram content.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Share your Instagram content through mail or save a photo on your computer.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] See all your follows and their latest images.

3. IM+instant messaging metro apps windows 8

IM+ is an Instant Messaging client that supports all major IM services, including Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Skype chat, Google Talk, AOL/AIM/iChat, Yahoo!, ICQ, Vkontakte, Mail.Ru Agent, Odnoklassniki, Yandex chat, Mamba.Ru, Mig33, SINA Weibo, Renren, Fetion, Gadu-Gadu, MeinVZ and Jabber. Also it support for text and photo sharing, group threads and multiple accounts.

Features of IM+

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Support for all popular instant messaging services.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Free text messages and photo sending.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Personal status messages.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Typing notifications.

4. Skypeskype for windows 8

Skype team build a better uncluttered app for Windows 8. More over its clean and easy to navigate.  Stay informed about what’s happening with your friends through video and voice calls and instant messaging, all from one app.

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Features of Skype

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Exchange instant messages with all your Skype, Messenger and Outlook.com contacts.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Snap your IM or video call window left or right so you can do more things while catching up..

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] All Skype-to-Skype video and voice calls are free.

 5News Republicnews reader app for windows 8

News Republic is a Reader app for windows 8 with fine interfaces. You can read news from a huge list of sources and gives you access to over 10,000 breaking news stories every day.

Features of News Republic

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Follow your topics of interest. The app will organize relevant articles within your own personalized news channels.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] No RSS feeds! Read full stories from top quality news sources. Browse headlines and read stories in the app.

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Share any item by Windows 8 integrated share system.

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