4 Essentials for Manual Time Keeping

Whether you’re installing a new clock or just looking to upgrade your existing system, there are a few supplies that are absolutely critical to manual time keeping. But what if you aren’t sure what these essentials are? Here are four must-haves to keep your employees happy and your business running smoothly.

1: Clocks

Your first order of business should be buying the time clock itself. There are dozens of models available for purchase, so the best version for you will be whatever suits your budget and personal needs. Do you have a large number of employees? You might want to go with the convenience of a biometric clock. Would you rather put your trust in batteries over electronic systems? An Acroprint might be the best choice for you.

2: Time Cards

No one can punch in without a time card, but few people realize that not all cards are created equal. If you try to use something from weak stock, or if you pick up cards that are the wrong size or cut for your machine, you might as well record your times longhand. Your cards will be useless. To avoid this fate, look for something made from at least 150lb stock with waterproof protection and rotary cuts for accuracy.

3: Badges

If you want to invest in something a little sturdier than paper, time badges can provide a nice alternative to cards. They’re often laminated or covered in slip plastic, an excellent precaution during wet or messy jobs, and they can also be customized for the individual employee. Never again worry about buddy punching or your workers “accidentally” using the wrong cards. When they have badges in their own names, there won’t be any mix-ups.

4: Signal Devices

Perfect for schools, warehouses and other crowded areas, signal devices emit a noise or flashing light when it’s time to change shifts or take breaks. You can even add bells or horns if you’re hoping to broadcast over a vast area. Not only will it decrease confusion during everyday routines and improve employee productivity when they always know where to be, but signal devices can also act as back-up time pieces for your regular clock.
Time keeping is harder than it looks, and it’s harder still when you’re trying to run a business without all the necessary equipment. Look into these four essentials if you want to avoid disaster and plan for the future.

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